Archive | January, 2011

The Paws

31 Jan




“Woof!” says lil’ Lulu, “I love my zebra paws!” Thanks @the_paws! We love your fun online #pet store.

Gingerbread house

31 Jan


Look how deliciously adorable this little gingerbread house my friend made is! Thanks R, you’re so sweet. 🙂

Narhex Australian Moisturizer

31 Jan




Yay! Just received my Type 2 skin care moisturizer from @Narhex! Can’t wait to nourish my skin the Australian way. Thanks mates!

Be sure to visit Narhex and follow @Narhex for informative & fun tweets about skin beauty and aging.

Crumbs Bake Shop

30 Jan




Yummy cupcake day! My brother gifted us three: red velvet, coconut & devil’s food delights from @CrumbsBakeShop. Confection heaven!

Gingerbread house from above

23 Jan


I especially love the M&M roof of my gingerbread house! Talk about special #HolidayTreats! @mmsgreen

Little Lamby

23 Jan




Lulu especially loves the little turquoise lamb! Thanks @overstock!

Happy Lambies

23 Jan




I showered our poodle Lulu with these adorable, happy lambie toys in four colors from @overstock!  You can find this set of four Baa Baa Berbers squeaky lamb toys on

Kyjen Squeaker Lamb Mat

23 Jan

Lulu adores her Kyjen squeaker lamb mat! Its her favorite toy by @kyjenkyle! #happycustomer

Lulu’s Fave Squeaky Sheep

23 Jan




Lulu our poodle will get a new sqeaky sheep mat from Kyjen today for Thanksgiving! @kyjenkyle

Kyjen’s Star Spinner Puzzle

22 Jan




Lulu, our poodle solving Kyjen’s Star Spinner treat toy puzzle this afternoon. Thanks @kyjenkyle#happycustomer