Frownies Giveaway at The Cartoon Lovin’ Mama

31 Dec

Are you looking for a way to age gracefully?

Frownies may be your answer.

According to my  Mom, she has an impressive sets of deep wrinkles on her forehead.  Here are the 4 things she likes most about Frownies:

Top Four Frownie Features:

  1. Retrain Skin: Frownie patches retrain the skin by having skin cells actually reposition themselves to remove wrinkles in  much the same as Botox would.  Botox is both expensive and painful so I would love my mom to try this system.
  2. No Chemicals: Frownies are made without harmful chemicals and together with the rosewater hydrator are easy to apply and also provide moisturizing action.
  3. Hydrate: The plant-based nutrients provide the skin with hydration which is what skin really needs to be healthy and youthful.
  4. Healthy Message: Frownie’s message is that you can really achieve results which diminishing wrinkles, which can’t be done with skin cream formulas alone.

Giveaway Now at The Cartoon Lovin’ Mama

You can now enter to win the Gel Eye Patches from the Beautiful Eyes Bag (ARV 37.50) at The Cartoon Lovin’ Mama.

Giveaway ends Dec 30, 2010 @ midnight CST

Follow The Cartoon Lovin’ Mama on Twitter @sgrant2005.  You can visit Frownies on Twitter and on Facebook.  Good luck!


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