Thank you T.J.Maxx: Spot the Carolers $100 Gift Card Twitter Sweeps

30 Dec

Thank you TJ Maxx!

$100 winner of  TJMaxx’s Spot the Carolers Sweeps

I am so happy and grateful to have been selected as a $100 winner of  TJMaxx’s Spot the Carolers Sweeps!

Just received a $100 gift card in the mail (see above) and gave it to my Mom as her happy New Year present.  She is absolutely thrilled!

My Mom: The Chronic Pain Caregiver

My Mom shops at TJMaxx and Marshall’s almost every month but she only buys things for me.  She always put my needs before her own, so I am so thankful that she can now buy something just for herself.   Maybe a warm and cozy bathrobe, a new night gown or that set of eco-green cookware that she’s been eying.

Thank you T.J.Maxx

Thank you TJMaxx and Marshall’s for spreading holiday cheer from coast to coast.

I’ll be following you on Twitter @TJ Maxx and visiting you on Facebook.


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