Balsam Hill Wreath Giveaway at The Cartoon Lovin’ Mama

23 Dec

Win a Wreath

Because of my chronic pain condition, I have to choose holiday decorations that are simple, easy to carry, lightweight and require very little labor.  Nothing I have come across looks as festive and pretty as the  Christmas wreath at  Balsam Hill that I just found at a great blog I just discovered:  The Cartoon Lovin’ Mama.

5 Reasons I’m Intrigued by Balsam Hill Wreaths

  • They look great! I’m impressed by how real they look!  They use True Needle foliage technology.
  • I’m allergic to fir trees and this eliminates that problem.
  • Balsam Hill gives you the option to have LED lights, which I would choose because they are more energy efficient.
  • You can leave the wreath lights on all the time and not worry about a huge electricity bill.
  • This wreath is professionally pre-strung, saves me from having to decorate a live wreath.

Allergy to Trees

The company’s founder, Thomas Harman, had a family member who had allergies to live trees like me.

“When Thomas’ search for a lifelike artificial Christmas tree came up empty-handed, our mission was born to develop the most realistic and luxurious artificial trees.

To accomplish this mission, our designers carefully craft our trees to mimic nature using site visits and cuttings from live trees as their guides.” (Quote from Balsam Hill About Us page).

Explore Balsam Hill website for their wide selection of both Holiday Wreaths and Christmas Trees.

Giveaway Now at The Cartoon Lovin’ Mama

You can enter to win a 24” Balsam Fir Christmas Wreath (ARV $59.00) at The Cartoon Lovin’ Mama.

Follow The Cartoon Lovin’ Mama on Twitter @sgrant2005. Visit Balsam Hill on Twitter or on Facebook.  Giveaway ends Dec 23, 2010 at midnight CST.


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