Rubbermaid & Sharpie Holiday Goodies Pack at

19 Dec

Sharpies Help My Hands

A great new blog I just discovered, Frugal & Fabulous, is  hosting a giveaway right now for Rubbermaid & Sharpie Holiday Gift Pack Rubbermaid & Sharpie Holiday Goodies Pack.  I have limited motor skills due to my chronic pain condition, so I have to organize my living space so I can use minimal effort for any activity — even simple things like writing.

5 Reasons I love Retractable Sharpies

  • Retractable Sharpies do not have caps.  No caps means I only need one hand to start writing.
  • This reduces pain in hands.
  • I don’t have to worry about losing the tops.
  • The pack comes with 8 pens – means less trips to the store.
  • Fine Point sharpies are great for drawing and writing in holiday cards.

Win a Rubbermaid & Sharpie holiday prize pack at Frugal & Fabulous

You have a chance to win a super generous Rubbermaid & Sharpie holiday prize pack that includes:

But hurry, giveaway ends Sunday, December 19@ 7pm EST. Enter here.

You can follow Frugal & Fabulous blogger on Twitter: @lindsfrugalfab.


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