My First Giveaway Contests: Air-O-Swiss Humidifier and Kokokhan Hand Cream

21 Oct

The First Plunge into Unknown Waters

Today was my first foray into the world of giveaway contests. With the help of a young family member wise to the ways of Twitter and RSS feeds, I think that I have almost mastered Level One.

In short, I can barely do the minimum, but have great hopes of figuring out things that were not available when I learned to type on a manual typewriter. Call in the dinosaurs…Serendipity Strikes

In any case, as with all things ventured, I have discovered a wonderful website run by New Age Mama. I entered two contests she posted to win an Air-O-Swiss humidifier and to win a sample trio of 3 hand creams from Kokokhan. As part of the competition, I had to visit the company websites and read about their products. 

I Get Extra Entries If I Do What?

Since I would not have ordinarily discovered these products on my own (and I do seem to spend a lot of time googling), it is a testament to the whole blog giveaway contest concept that people will visit websites if they can win something!

Fortunately, these two websites are very interesting to read, and I was impressed by the fact that both companies follow a philosophy of running their businesses in an eco-conscious, eco-friendly way.

Air-O-Swiss provides humidifiers that seem to be an excellent products made by a company that incorporates environmentally sound practices. Kokokhan has a line of organic and pure body lotions and other products.

It’s Not All About Winning

I am not sure if this is a normal experience for giveaway contest entrants, but I am now interested in buying products from both companies. If I continue to have this kind of warm and fuzzy response, this could end up being a very expensive adventure.

Of course, winning (wistful sigh) would resolve this particular conflict, but reading inspiring websites is its own reward!


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