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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

@oldorchardjuice My pumpkin this year was a Spider-o-lantern! Here’s a pic. #win #giveaway #Halloween

My First Giveaway Contests: Air-O-Swiss Humidifier and Kokokhan Hand Cream

21 Oct

The First Plunge into Unknown Waters

Today was my first foray into the world of giveaway contests. With the help of a young family member wise to the ways of Twitter and RSS feeds, I think that I have almost mastered Level One.

In short, I can barely do the minimum, but have great hopes of figuring out things that were not available when I learned to type on a manual typewriter. Call in the dinosaurs…Serendipity Strikes

In any case, as with all things ventured, I have discovered a wonderful website run by New Age Mama. I entered two contests she posted to win an Air-O-Swiss humidifier and to win a sample trio of 3 hand creams from Kokokhan. As part of the competition, I had to visit the company websites and read about their products. 

I Get Extra Entries If I Do What?

Since I would not have ordinarily discovered these products on my own (and I do seem to spend a lot of time googling), it is a testament to the whole blog giveaway contest concept that people will visit websites if they can win something!

Fortunately, these two websites are very interesting to read, and I was impressed by the fact that both companies follow a philosophy of running their businesses in an eco-conscious, eco-friendly way.

Air-O-Swiss provides humidifiers that seem to be an excellent products made by a company that incorporates environmentally sound practices. Kokokhan has a line of organic and pure body lotions and other products.

It’s Not All About Winning

I am not sure if this is a normal experience for giveaway contest entrants, but I am now interested in buying products from both companies. If I continue to have this kind of warm and fuzzy response, this could end up being a very expensive adventure.

Of course, winning (wistful sigh) would resolve this particular conflict, but reading inspiring websites is its own reward!

I never won anything…. oh, except an iPad! Thanks to WCG Hotels

20 Oct

Have you given up entering sweepstakes and contests?

Tired of telling people how unlucky you are?

Yes, I used to be one who never won a frozen turkey or even a Starbucks card.  Why do I keep slogging through these contests; obviously I was born under the wrong star…

But I have now crossed the line from wannabe to winner.

Many thanks to WCG Hotels for hosting a terrific contest, I am now one of the three grateful owners of an iPad.

Oh, and not to brag, but I was the first of the three.

In addition to winning the iPad, the prize package included a complimentary one-night stay at one of the WCG hotels in various locations in the U.S.

I checked out their website to chose a hotel – my very favorite was the Walnut Creek Marriott, but I decided to be practical and chose one close to home.

I received a voucher to stay at the in Marriott Renaissance Hotel nestled between the  Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina.

WCG Hotels’ 23 Prizes

WCG Hotels is currently giving away twenty three 2-night stays in their hotels via their Twitter account @WCGHotels and Facebook account.

Yes, there will be 23 winners!

I wonder what my chances of winning again are?  But wait, there are people who have won a million dollar lottery twice, so I suppose my chances are really quite good.  You know, I am just realizing how sweet it is to be a winner.

Keurig Special Edition Coffee Brewer

13 Oct

One of my greatest pleasures is a great cup of coffee, I was therefore thrilled to see a giveaway for a Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewer for coffee over at . My mom had Keurig coffee at her office recently because her workplace is looking to replace their old coffee machines.

She was able to sample the Green Mountain roast, the French roast and the Kona coffee. She couldn’t stop talking about how great the coffee tasted and how fast and easy it was to get this wonderful brewed coffee.

I read that the temperature of the water used to brew coffee is vital to the taste of the coffee. I thought that Keurig got it just right since the coffee my mom had was piping hot and perfectly brewed without grinding the beans, cleaning the filter or waiting for a whole pot to brew.

I would love to surprise my mom with her very own Keurig machine and have been checking them out online. But wouldn’t it great to win one at Thanks, Mail Carrier? Then I could be Santa Claus and also enjoy my own cup of coffee after my Mom makes hers, of course.

*Giveaway will end on October 15th at 11:59pm CST.