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Happy Blankie Giveaway

17 Jul

I just discovered Happy Blankies – the cutest baby blankets with a cause. Their mission is spread happiness!
Every time you buy a blankie, Happy Blankie donates a second blankie to a child in need. You get to choose where you’d like to send the blankie. For instance, Uganda, where Happy Blankie is distributing blankets now.  

My favorite blankie is Stomp the Frog.

You can enter a great Happy Blankie giveaway contest at My Four Monkeys.  

Entries must be received by 11:59 PM EST on July 19th.

1-800 Flowers Is Not All About Flowers

7 Jul

I have used 1-800 Flowers in the past to send floral arrangements for special occasions but never looked beyond the extensive flower selections for my gift.

However, I just entered Bella So Savvy’s giveaway for a $40 gift card from 1-800 Flowers and explored the site hitting all the buttons.

Man Person Gifts

There are new offerings for gift baskets which are a new edition and has perfect gifts for a male relative or friend.

I just knew that any arrangement I would die for, like The Fields of Europe, which I have sent to relatives in the past, would not elicit any ooohs and aaaahhss from any male I know. But the new 1-800 has great edible selections that no man or woman could resist.

Boys and Flowers Don’t Mix But Martha Does the Trick

I chose the Martha Stewart Snack Tray as my giveaway selection choice as an apartment warming gift for my son if I won the gift certificate. In the best case scenario, my son would give me the wicker basket and save a few chocolate covered nuts for me!

In any case, Martha Stewart knows her stuff so this would be an excellent gift, but the Adirondack Breakfast Basket or the California Crafted Meat and Cheese Basket would also keep any man person happy.

Giveaway ends 9pm. EST on August 2nd, 2010.

Welcome All You Giveaway Contest Enthusiasts!

6 Jul

Welcome to our journey into the wonderful world of giveaway contests.

  • I’m new to the whole concept of tweets, retweets, RSS and blog giveaways but I am ready to take the plunge!
  • I think of this as a way to create new neural pathways and early dementia.
  • Oh, and hopefully I will be able to win prizes and promotional items that will satisfy all my materialistic needs.

Seriously, folks, this is promising to be a lot of fun (and games)!